1. APS is a public shareholding company listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM).

It is accordingly subject to strict DFM rules and regulations to protect shareholders’ rights and good corporate governance practices. This implies a special set of restrictions, precautions and controls of which all APS employees should be aware of and by which they should abide.

2. Insider trading and APS share price sensitive information

APS abides by strict rules in handling information that may affect the share price of APS, or that may affect the decisions of investors. Examples of such sensitive information include, but are not limited to, new business contracts, acquisitions, corporate profitability, performance news, and generally the future plans of the company. Employees who have access to such information are responsible for preventing unauthorized access or disclosure of such information before it has been released to the press and/or received appropriately through the DFM information system.

Employees with access to inside information that may affect the APS traded share price may not trade or advise anyone else, directly or indirectly, to trade in APS shares until the information has been publicly released or until it is no longer considered sensitive as directed by APS management. If in doubt, employees should consult with a member of the Legal Department.

3. Disclosure to the media

Communication with news agencies and other media should remain centralized and pre-authorized. APS employees Community Supporting the community

APS is committed to supporting and improving the lives of members of the communities in which it operates by developing and funding projects that enhance their welfare with a view towards sustainability. In that spirit, APS expects station managers to promote the sense of community service among their teams.


Environmental leadership and sustainability-oriented innovation

As a company in the transportation solutions and logistics business, APS operations can have a significant impact on the environment, including contributing to climate change. Protecting the environment (and addressing climate change) has become one of the most important global issues, and is an emerging issue in many emerging economies including those in the Middle East. The issue is thus very relevant to our business.

We take a precautionary approach to environmental challenges, emphasizing respect for the environment. All employees and leaders are responsible for pollution prevention and for compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations in the course of making business decisions.

But far beyond compliance, we aim to aggressively reduce our environmental impact and we aim to be a carbon-neutral company in the shortest feasible time. We want the APS brand to be recognized globally as closely associated with environmental leadership, as we believe this will be a crucial competitive advantage. We aim to encourage and integrate new technologies and offer new types of ‘green’ services that will dramatically accelerate the reduction in our environmental impacts. Every employee and leader is responsible for contributing to our performance improvements in this field, including ensuring the effectiveness and continuous improvement of any environmental management systems implemented by the company.

Examples of priority areas for improving our environmental performance include reducing the carbon dioxide emissions and other harmful emissions from our fleet of vehicles, being more efficient in the use of environmental resources such as energy, water, and paper, and reducing our impact on traffic and congestion in key markets.